Quality Report

The heavy increase in the prices of raw materials has resulted in expensive materials especially being replaced with inferior or recycled materials, this especially being the case when items are manufactured in China.

This results in merchandise that is inexpensive, but are also of a poor quality, are often not conform with legal requirements and cannot be sold in the EU.
As a manufacturer and importer of high quality merchandise, our customers repeatedly confront us with inexpensive offers that are not possible if the value was to be upheld. It is often the case that the poor quality of these products cannot be seen when looking at them.

Only additional tests bring the difference from high quality articles to light. Each purchase should be aware of these differences!

This is why we have created our "Quality Report".

Our modern and fully-equipped test laboratory enables us to conduct all tests on cables and components. This includes high frequency (EMC), low frequency (audio) and low-volt (LVD). We also have two precision X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers in the meantime that we can use to cover all RoHS specifications even in special cases.

We shall continue to use this extensive measuring instruments pool and out 20 years of know how in order to carry out comparative product tests in the future. To this end, we shall regularly purchase articles from other importers and manufacturers in the trade and compare these with ours.

We shall then publish the results of these tests and our recommendations accordingly - obviously without including the name of the importer or the article number, as we do not wish to defame our competitors.

On the contrary, it is our aim to display the material and qualitative differences of optically comparative products, so that you in Purchasing can make an important decision correctly.

You can trust us.