The test laboratory

Transmedia considers oneself not only as an importer,
but rather has devoted to the topic of cables and quality.

Already in 1991 Transmedia has founded its own test laboratory with an area of 400 m²
and 100 different measuring devices. There can be done almost all measurement tasks, as
well as in the passive area (cables, sockets) as in the active area (amplifier). With this
test lab Transmedia is leading company in Europe.

"But why this big effort?

Without measuring laboratory every supplier could tell you many things:

  • what his Chinese supplier told him
  • what he wants to tell by himself to sell his product even better
  • what he does not know any better.

The real quality of cables can be determined only by use of high-quality measuring devices.

You cannot really check the screening attenuation of coax cable by view, even it is imprinted on the cable jacket.

We are able to inform you about true and real quality of all our products.

With the test laboratory Transmedia is able to:

  • do its own developments
  • give production instructions to the manufacturers for their production lines
  • check the requested quality for compliance of all values
  • enable the highest possible level of safety of our products for you as our customer.

You have a right on it at Transmedia.

On the following pages we want to introduce the most important measuring devices:

Network Analyser

The Triaxial measurement method

Network Cable Analyser

Digital sampling oszilloskope

Astro HDMI Analyse Protokoller

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Light measurement