REACH directive 1907/2006

The introduction of REACH should guarantee a high safety standard regarding to risks for environmental and health by the use of chemical substances. Hereto by REACH a broad chemical management with registration, evaluation and permission has been handled. The obligation for registration and evaluation holds for manufacturer and importers of chemical substances, who places on market more than one turn of one of the substances per year.

At the other side it holds for manufacturers of no chemical substances (products), if no chemical substances will be released from these products under normal and predictable conditions or the quantity of 1 t/a per year will not be exceeded. For the substances of very high concern (SVHC) it is different. Today (17.12.2015) these are 168 substances. But only 8 substances are in line for transmedia items. The most important are Phthalates and PACs, which are not used by transmedia.
REACh directive

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REACH directive


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