Digital sampling oszilloskope

The world is operating digitally.
Computers, mobile phones or televisions – all are working with the IOs (binary code).

A new generation of cables is available, which have to transfer large mass of datas
per second, especially in the area of television and Blueray.
These are DVI-, displayport- and HDMI cables. At UHD the data rate is up to 24 Gbit/s.

To check the perfect transmission of these signals we need a completely different
category of measuring devices.

Totally 16 S-parameters can be tested with a digital cable.

With an investment of 150.000,00 EUR the sampling oszilloskope DSA8200 of Tetromix is
our most expensive test equipment.

But most important for us is the so called eye diagram, which
directly shows the quality of a cable on the screen.

An “open” eye diagram represents a good quality of the tested cable.

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Digital sampling oszilloskope

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