Environment Protection

Our nature is our life.

Tansmedia attaches utmost importance to environment
protection. We all must save the resources of nature – in the interest of a more
better and clean environment.

Transmedia starts this at the manufactorers in China. Just today China offends
very much against simple requirements.

Therefore our suppliers are controlled and trained continuously for the observance
of these requirements. This is a postulate at all to produce for transmedia.

Of course this is also valid for our location in Hagen, which is approved every year as
part of ISO 9001 certification.

But also very important
is the pollution of environment by our products. Here a range
of legal restrictions are existing, which all must be kept.

Already since 2002, a long time before introduction of RoHS, we are able to guarantee
these laws by metrological testing for our customers.



REACH directive


The Packaging Regulation

Battery Law

EUP Regulation

Code of Conduct