About us


As a cable specialist the company is concerned up to these days with multimedia connections like Video, TV Sat, Computer, Telephone etc.

Transmedia Geschäftsstelle

Transmedia got international reputation because its technical Know How and the owned enormous test laboratory just after short time at big trading customers as well as at famous industrial companies.

All products are Made in China, where Transmedia has a Joint Venture since 1998 with about 1600 workers.

At the location Hagen there are occupied about 70 employees, which send from the central warehouse with space for over 10.000 pallets the goods to nearly 80 foreign countries all over the world.

In the year 2000 transmedia has created ist own brand My Wall® for brackets. With nearly 300 different items this brand belongs to the heading supplier in Europe.

Already one year later another range of products has been added: LED lamps. LED is the future of lighting. It not only saves 85 % of electricity power costs compared with bulbs, but also its lifetime with 50.000 hours 50 times more longer. The newest generation of LEDs can electronically adapted automatically in its brightness and colour to the requirements of living rooms. Under the brand light 4 all about 400 different products are offered for all current applications.

At this point the management will take the opportunity to say thank you to all customers, suppliers and business partners, but also to the personnel for their loyalty and engagement, which have founded the success of transmedia.


Towards our customers

Beside quality and price of the products, sustainability and health are appreciated for our customers. This particularly applies to the chemical composition of the used materials in line RoHs and REACH. In so doing, the so-called SVHC substances are especially focused on and generally are avoided.

Our customers are directly involved in the improvements of the products and processes of the company through our homepage, where suggestions, complaints, or praise can be submitted.

Towards our employees

Internationality in the company are purposely encouraged. Among our employees, 14 different nationalities are represented. All nationalities are integrated at its best and some are entrusted with executive positions. External and internal training arrangements are available to our employees.
All employees are also involved in the development and improvement of the company and have a direct action on it.

Furthermore, our Far East suppliers currently are checked on their social intercourse to their employees:

  • Working hours
  • Accommodations
  • Social engagement
  • Child labour
  • Labour conditions
Towards our environment

Strict material separation of recyclable substances is established. These are gathered and forwarded to the respective recycle companies. Residual waste is composted. Economical and considerate exploitation of energy resources.
Clear rulings of the usage of environmentally harmful substances prevent that they burden the environment.
Control of the Far East factories for compliance of government requirements regarding environmental protection. On top of that, Transmedia applies European standards for the assessment and approval of the factories. This is checked every six months.

Towards our society

Public relations activities

Publication of reports about the company on a regular basis in the regional part of the daily newspaper and journals.
Regular invitations of behind-the-scene tours for citizens as information open days.
International trade-fair appearances for the improvement of customer care and publicity.
Presentation of the company in international professional publications.
Participation in local activities.
Direct costumer communication through our homepage for improvement, complaints, and praises.

Social engagement

Donations in support and preservation of public institutions.
Sponsoring of local sports clubs.



All items are manufactured in China.

The most important are quality and price. Therefore transmedia trains its supplier regularly in quality management. Transmedia also controls the social behavior and environment protection.

When the suppliers comply with these points they are confirmed for manufacturing for transmedia

More than 800 TEUs (20’ containers) are imported every year from about 80 suppliers of the range of cables and accessories, brackets and LED lamps.


We produce nearly 5.000 different items as OEM products for our industrial customers as well as for trading customers.

Our engineers together with our test laboratory have the best requirements to support you as our customer. Your requests will be realized 1:1. You send us your demands, we deliver the finished goods in time with your production line or your sales campaign.

Our strong points:
  • new design
  • new developments
  • technical support
  • warranted strict observance of legal requirements like RoHS or REACH
  • we design your packaging
  • call-off orders directly from our stock
OEM Produktion


The products

The world is becoming ever more digital. Ever larger volumes of data have to be transmitted at ever higher speeds. Absolute reliability in transmission is required. Transmedia takes this into account with very special measures.

  • Ongoing new product developments that improve the connectivity of innovative devices.
  • Only the best raw materials are used for the production of these products.
  • The production lines are constantly controlled to minimize tolerances.
  • The incoming goods inspection is an additional crucial step to guarantee premium quality to the customer.

„My Wall“ will continue to establish itself and further conquer the European market with its innovative new products. This brand is already the leading sales driver in the company.

The company

We have three guiding themes:

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Environmental protection
Employee satisfaction

All employees have free development opportunities. This is supported by internal and external training. The job should be fun.

Our benefits:

  • Parking lot
  • Employee discounts
  • Pet can be brought
  • Child can be brought
  • Additional pension
  • Company doctor
  • Coaching
  • Health measures
  • Homeoffice
  • Employee events


Customer satisfaction

Satisfied employees also create satisfied customers. The customer is our focus. The system-relevant possibilities for data exchange with the customer are constantly being improved. EDI is being introduced for this purpose. Internal processes are being further optimized. Direct deliveries to end customers will significantly expand Transmedia's business.


For years now, Transmedia has been exemplary in this field.

Consistent separation of recyclable materials and feeding into the recycle cycle, hazard analysis of operating materials, significant savings in electricity and water consumption through certified technical measures are only part of our of our efforts to protect the environment.

For example, we've been fighting for years against the plastic craze brought on by the new electric law of 8/15/2018. Our successes with government agencies save Transmedia tons of plastic bags every year alone!

We want to be climate neutral in the near future. We have already achieved a great deal, but we are constantly implementing new measures so that we can soon become the first climate-neutral company in our industry.

We have set our sights high.
Let's do it.