Tablet Bracket for the Car Headrest


  • HT 4
  • for most 7" - 10,4" Tablets

  • 40 12386 13531 9
  • packed in carton box
Pur entertainment in your car. Entertainment in the back seat for long trips. Not... more
Product information "Tablet Bracket for the Car Headrest"

Pur entertainment in your car.
Entertainment in the back seat for long trips.

Not only for children, but also for all other passengers, long car trips are often very sluggish. This specially designed for the car neckrest tablet headrest holder can entertain them in the back seat over long distances.
Place your iPad or other compatible devices on the headrest of a seat or centered between two car seats. Our HT 4 L is ideal for passengers who watch movies, read e-books, play games, etc. while driving.
The flexible arm can be easily stretched up to a maximum of 10.4 inches to accommodate your tablet, iPad, ebook and other devices.
The tablet holder features a ball joint that gives you a full 360-degree rotation and the possibility to tilt the display from -20° to +20°.
The issue of safety has also been taken into consideration: The stable support arms hold the device in the desired position. Soft rubber pads prevent the device from being scratched and hold it in the selected position. The robust holder is made of aluminum and sturdy plastic. No tools are required for installation and thanks to the illustrated assembly instructions it is child‘s play.

✶ Due to the ball-and-socket joint, the tablet can be moved in all directions

✶ Effortless attachment to the car seat, no tools required

✶ Adjustable clamping range allows the use of different tablet sizes

Technical details:
tilt: 40°,
swivel: 360°,
clamp range: 10 - 15 mm,
it is also possible to mount 2 hoders side by side,
incl. mounting guide,
in giftbox

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