High Speed HDMI®-cable with Ethernet



  • C 505-10
  • active cable with coolux chipset 4K*2K / 60Hz, 10 m

  • 40 12386 15092 3
  • packed in carton box
With the high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet from MaxTrack, you can experience razor-sharp... more
Product information "High Speed HDMI®-cable with Ethernet"

With the high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet from MaxTrack, you can experience razor-sharp images and smooth videos! Whether you want to upgrade your home theater or upgrade your gaming station, the active HDMI cable is the right choice. With an impressive 4K resolution at 60Hz and HDCP 2.2, the active cable offers unbeatable signal transmission. The integrated coolux chipset ensures first-class and loss-free signal transmission even over long distances. Gold-plated contacts also ensure the best signal transmission. The high-quality AWG26 cable with a diameter of 8.6 mm ensures long-lasting durability.

The narrow plugs have a detachable plug housing and can therefore be easily routed through narrow pipes and passages. The screw connection integrated into the plug holds the cable securely in the connection so that even moving the connected device or a slight pull cannot loosen or disconnect the connection.

Brilliant picture despite long distance


Brilliant picture quality

Loss-free over long distances

Secure connection


Technical details:

  • Integrated coolux chipset
  • 4K*2K / 60Hz
  • HDCP 2.2
  • With amplifier in the plug
  • Small size plug for going through pipeline
  • The connector housing is removable, thus enabling you to guide the cable through even narrow passages
  • With locking connector for a secure connection
  • Gold plated plugs
  • Cable: AWG26, O.D. 8,6 mm
  • Giftbox packing

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